Sheldon Culver: Jung’s Typology, a Way to Explore Ourselves

Sheldon Culver, M. Div. and Jungian Analyst, led a February 22-23rd lecture and workshop focusing on how Jungian typology gives us a tool for understanding ourselves and others. On Saturday, Sheldon focused how our inferior function can both get in our way or give us a way to develop. This Inferior Function (a.k.a. the fourth function) is our “least gift” and causes the most trouble in our relationships. We looked at how it operates, the contexts in which it becomes active, and how to develop a better relationship with this despised part of ourselves.

Sheldon is in private practice in St. Louis and a graduate and member of the Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts. Sheldon is also an ordained minister with the United Church of Christ.