Transgenerational Complexes in Coco with Johann Mynhardt (October 29, 2022)

…the unconscious corresponds to the mythic land of the dead, the land of the ancestors. ~Carl Jung, Memories, Dreams, Reflections pg. 191

On Saturday, October 29, participants in this online workshop explored transgenerational complexes through the lens of the Disney / Pixar animated feature Coco. In the film, young Miguel is mysteriously thrust into the mythic land of ancestors and is tasked with resolving generational complexes and trauma. Though seemingly light-hearted family entertainment, the film has rich themes participants explored around ancestry and individuation.

Specifically, participants explored transgenerational complexes both practically and theoretically through the lens of Coco with a focus on:

  • Animism and ancestor veneration as a possible form of proto-psychology.
  • The ancestral basis for Jung’s theory of the collective unconscious.
  • The unconscious / underworld as a container for generational trauma.
  • Incorporating an ancestral view into one’s personal myth and individuation.

From that time on, the dead have become ever more distinct for me as the voices of the Unanswered, Unresolved, and Unredeemed; for since the questions and demands which my destiny required me to answer did not come to me from outside, they must have come from the inner world. ~Carl Jung, Memories, Dreams, Reflections pg. 191

Johann Mynhardt, who lives in South Africa, has been a student of Jungian thought for over 25 years. He began his journey with the Centre for Applied Jungian Studies in 2013 as a student. He later took on roles as facilitator, lecturer, and mentor and with his background in the film industry was invited to be a founding member of the Jungian Film School. He is also an initiated “Nganga” (Bwiti shaman) and has traveled to the land of ancestors.