He Doesn’t Have (a) Clu(e):
A Jungian Interpretation of
TRON: Legacy

Presented by  Dr. Sean Hill

Saturday, November 16
    6-9 PM 


Approaching the Dream Online Study Group
(Chapters from Echo’s Subtle Body by Patricia Berry)

Led by Rose Holt, M.A., Jungian Analyst

Beginning Wednesdays, October 30
    7-8 PM 

Full and Closed

Reading Jung:
Aion: Researches into the Phenomenology of the Self  Study Group

Led by Rose Holt, M.A., Jungian Analyst

Beginning Sundays, October 13    

4-6 PM 


Advent and Psychic Birth
Study Group

Led by Sandy Cooper, M.A. M.A.P.S.

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Recent Blog Posts

Donald Kalsched: Glimpses Through the Veil

Donald Kalsched, Ph.D., Jungian Analyst, and Clinical Psychologist, led a May 17-19th lecture, workshop, and colloquium during which he and attendees explored the ideas of restoring the lost soul to the body and the relationship between trauma, paranormal experiences, and synchronicity. Donald shared anecdotes from his practice, analyses of art and literature, and teachings from his book Trauma and the Soul (Routledge, 2013). Much of Saturday’s discussion centered around early childhood experiences of trauma that eclipse access to or understanding…

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Answer to Joe Play Production by Rick Vaughn

The C. G. Jung Society produced its second play, Answer to Joe in March, 2019.  The play is loosely based on Jung’s book Answer to Job, and deals with the same themes—the nature of God, the reality of the divine versus an individual’s image of it, and the psychological implications of an individual’s often unconscious god-image.  Though these are deeply serious topics, the play presented them in modern understandable dress and treated them with considerable humor. Rick Vaughn, author of…

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Sheldon Culver: Jung’s Typology, a Way to Explore Ourselves

Sheldon Culver, M. Div. and Jungian Analyst, led a February 22-23rd lecture and workshop focusing on how Jungian typology gives us a tool for understanding ourselves and others. On Saturday, Sheldon focused how our inferior function can both get in our way or give us a way to develop. This Inferior Function (a.k.a. the fourth function) is our “least gift” and causes the most trouble in our relationships. We looked at how it operates, the contexts in which it becomes…

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Author’s Evening with Roberta Moore

On Friday, February 1st, 2019, Roberta Moore introduced her book: Emotion at Work: Unleashing the Secret Power of Emotional Intelligence. Roberta explored how taking emotion to work with you can not only enhance your professional life, but how it can be the make-or-break difference that takes you from being stuck in less-than-optimal performance to stellar success and professional brilliance. Using the conceptual model of emotional intelligence developed by clinical psychologist Dr. Reuven Bar-On, Roberta laid out 16 fundamental emotional skills vital for workplace (and…

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