Continuing Education Credits

The C. G. Jung Center of Evanston, Illinois grants CE’s to participants in our programs where both the program presenter and the program material meet their criteria. Credits will be for Licensed Social Workers, Licensed Professional Counselors, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors, Chaplains, and other professionals. For each lecture, workshop, and colloquium, participants will be invited to pay the $15 CE fee online and fill out a digital application and evaluation to request CE’s. For study groups, each study group leader will ensure CE-seeking participants who have attended all sessions (this is a requirement to receive study group CE’s) receive a link to a web page where they can pay for CE’s and access a digital course evaluation and application after the last meeting. A designated board member will submit applications to the C. G. Jung Center in Illinois for processing.  Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for the certificate to arrive by mail.

One exception is that the fee for CE’s granted for the biennial Jung in the Heartland Conference is $30. As with study groups, CE-seeking conference attendees will receive a link to a web page where they can pay for CE’s and access a digital conference evaluation and application after the last day of the conference.

Please notify the leader of any study group you are in if you would like to receive CE’s prior to the last meeting so they can ensure you receive the necessary link.

Note: It is the participant/applicant’s responsibility to check with their state’s licensing board for rules regarding CE’s for virtual programming.

*If you wish to pay for CE’s by check, it must be made out to the C.G. Jung Society of St. Louis.