2015 Jung in the Heartland Conference ‘Alter of the Earth’

September 10-13, 2015: From one of the participants, here is how the magic of the 4th conference happened:

“First, there was the very subject of the retreat, THE ALTAR OF THE EARTH, which invites reverence and holding. Next, the opening exercises in the chapel brought us into sacred space. Asking each of us to identify ourselves and our reason for being there created a sense of community.

Because of the smaller number of conferees, we were afforded many opportunities to converse with the same person over the four days, giving us a chance to know each person more deeply and with greater appreciation. The presenters – Mary, Monika , and Belden – all modeled for us how to live below the neck and connect with the heart. The art exhibition added a new dimension to the conference, providing additional space where people could have conversations.

There is no way to weigh any of these aspects, but put together they created a magical and spiritual Brigadoon. It felt like a taste of heaven.”

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