The Legacies of Freud and Jung

February 19th – 20th, 2010 – Joseph Callahan, M.D., Cheryl Lawler, M.S.W., L.C.S.W., Lenita Newberg, M.S.W. Sheldon Culver, M. Div., Rose Holt, M.A. presented on “The Legacies of Freud and Jung”.  Our presentations this weekend inaugurated an exciting St. Louis dialogue between the Jungians and the Freudians. A large audience enjoyed comparative psychoanalytic (post-Freudian) and analytic psychology (post-Jungian) reviews of the movie “The Soloist”, looking at relationship, projection, and dynamics of the unconscious as they revealed themselves in the two main characters. 

Saturday’s workshop continued the conversation through presentations by two psychoanalysts, Lenita Newberg and Cheryl Lawler, followed by two Jungian analysts, Rose Holt and Sheldon Culver. Francesca Ferrentelli entertained us with a vivid telling of the tale of Vasalisa, which was then commented on by all four analysts from their quite varied perspectives.  Amid enthusiastic audience participation and feedback, we discovered to our surprise, that there are more similarities than differences in the current goals and methods of the two schools of analysis.  A resounding appeal was made by all to continue these fascinating discussions!