Rose Holt: ‘A Jungian View of Wholeness’

Friday, December 05, 2014: Rose Holt did a masterful job of working through some of Jung’s more challenging concepts, bringing them to light in such a way that the group attended were inspired to ask wonderfully thought-provoking questions. A paraphrase of Heinrich Zimmer via Joseph Campbell speaks to the evening’s experience. “The best things cannot be told, the second best are misunderstood. After that comes civilized conversation; after that, mass indoctrination; after that, intercultural exchange. And so, proceeding, we come to the problem of communication: the opening, that is to say, of one’s own truth and depth to the depth and truth of another in such a way as to establish an authentic community of existence.” Rose walked a fine line between the ineffable and conceivable, guiding us through Jung’s experience, what lead him to his theories, and how those reveal the personality through our existence. Bravo, Rose! 

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