Leah Friedman: Archetypal Guides in Late Life

July 17th-18th, 2009 – Leah Friedman presented an enlightening lecture on “Hestia, Hekate, and Hermes as Archetypal Guides to Late Life.” She recounted the mythological stories of each and and described how they can serve as resources during our journey into late life experience. Growing into old age is a rich process filled with gifts and challenges; and we are in good company when we call on the gods and goddesses as guides. She also presented a workshop the next day on “The Art of Growing Old: Embracing Constancy, Complexity and Change” where participants experientially deepened their connection to Hestia, Hekate and Hermes. The day ended with a moving ritual of initiation and commitment as participants accepted their role as elders (or elders in training)…accepting the task to consciously harvest their wisdom and to transmit their wisdom to future generations. A wonderful program from a true elder and wise woman!